Murphy Canyon Little League

Our Fields
  • Big and Little Damato 4503 Damato Street San Diego, CA 92124

  • Orleck Field (ORLECK) 10323 Orleck Street San Diego, CA 92124

  • Santo Field (SANTO) 3291 Santo Road San Diego, CA 92124


Player Issues

Player Agents

They handle all issues pertainingor trades of the players of the each division of MCLL. They take care of all paperwork for the teams regarding players. All questions and concerns from managers, coaches and parents about a player of should be directed to Player Agent first. The appropriate division Player agent will get back in contact with you.

Practice and Game Schedules

League Scheduler

He/She handles all the scheduling of practices and field use for MCLL. All requests for field use need to be made via email.

Umpire Questions and Concerns

Umpire in Chief

He/She is in charge of training and scheduling all volunteer umpires. He/She will be offering umpire clinics for anyone interested in learning how to umpire for MCLL. Please email UIC if you are available to volunteer as an umpire.

Concession Stands

Head Concessionaire

He/She oversees the day to day operations of the concession stands. Any issues pertaining to concession stands need to be directed to the Head Concessionaire.


Auxiliary Coordinator

He/She coordinates events for Murphy Canyon Little League. Opening and Closing Day Ceremonies, photo day, fundraisers, volunteer dinner and team parents. Email the address below with questions concerning events and fundraising.

Injury & Safety Concerns

Safety Officer

He/She conducts background checks on all volunteers of the league. He/She will issue all the MCLL Volunteer Badges once cleared on background check. He/She is also in charge of ensuring safe playing conditions for the players of MCLL. If a player is injured during practice, game or at an MCLL event, contact Safety Officer immediately to process an accident report.

Equipment Concerns

Equipment Manager

He/She handles the distribution of MCLL equipment and uniforms to the team managers. Any questions or concerns pertaining to the uniforms or equipment used or required by MCLL can be directed to Equipment Manager.

Website and Email Concerns

Information Officer

He/She handles all registration. He/She handles all issues pertaining to the website, Facebook and MCLL Email System. Any questions or concerns pertaining to the MCLL Email System can be directed to Information Officer. He/She offers training on the use of the system. For any information you would like added to the website email directly with the details.

Scorekeeping and Pitch Counts

Head Scorekeeper

He/She is in charge of making sure all scorebooks are up to date and filled out completely. He/She oversees the use of the pitch count affidavits and pitch counting sheets.

He/She will be offering scorekeeping clinics throughout the season for parents and family members interested in learning how to keep score for MCLL. Please email Head Scorekeeper if you would like to schedule a training during your child's game.

Field Maintenance

Fields Manager

He/She is in charge of maintaining the MCLL ball fields. Any issues or concerns pertaining to the fields at Orleck, Damato or Santo may be directed to the Fields Manager.

Donations and Sponsors

Sponsorship Coordinator

He/She is in charge of soliciting donations and sponsorships for Murphy Canyon Little League. We are currently looking for business and military commands to sponsor MCLL. There are a variety of sponsorship levels. A sponsorship packet can be found under the Documents tab of our website. For more information on sponsoring MCLL, contact the Sponsorship Coordinator.


League Treasurer

He/She is in charge of keeping the financial records for the league. He/She oversees the positions of Head Concessionaire and Auxiliary Coordinator. Any issues with the prior mentioned board members can be directed to the Treasurer. If you have any financial questions or concerns or if you need to request a payment plan or refund, contact Treasurer.

MCLL Records and Files

League Secretary

He/She records the minutes at the board meetings and keeps appropriate files and records of the league.

All MCLL concerns not resolved by any of the above Board of Directors

League Vice President of Operations

He/She is responsible for the duties of Vice President of Baseball and President when absent. The VP of Operations oversees the postions of Information Officer, Equipment Manager, Safety Officer, Scheduler and Sponsorship Coordinator. Any issues with the prior mentioned board members can be directed to the VP of Operations.

League Vice President of Baseball

He/She is responsible for the duties of Vice President of Operations and President when they are absent. The VP of Baseball oversees the postions of Player Agents, Head Coach, Umpire in Chief, Head Scorekeeper, Field Manager and Safety Officer (in regards to field safety issues.) Any issues with the prior mentioned board members can be directed to the VP of Baseball.

League President

He/She handles all issues or concerns not resolved by the above board members. Please contact the President only if all other attempts to resolve issues fail.