Murphy Canyon Little League

Our Fields
  • Big and Little Damato 4503 Damato Street San Diego, CA 92124

  • Orleck Field (ORLECK) 10323 Orleck Street San Diego, CA 92124

  • Santo Field (SANTO) 3291 Santo Road San Diego, CA 92124

MCLL Board of Directors Contact Info
Position (Click to Email) Name Phone Number
President Jacqueline Orr (858) 263-9530
Vice President of Operations (Vacant)
Vice President of Baseball &
Coaching Coordinator
Alex Kays (812) 309-2244
Secretary Jey Richards (904) 252-8396
Treasurer Matt Goldberg (954) 562-6905
Player Agent Barry Smith (928) 388-5850
Safety Officer Mike Stepan (619) 794-7630
Information Officer Ed Trujillo (602) 672-9367
Volunteer Coordinator Jennifer Harris (619) 666-5824
Auxiliary Coordinator Anna Crawford (704) 258-8531
Head Concessionaire (Vacant)
League Scheduler Delena Daniels (985) 209-6038
Umpire in Chief Justin Charles (864) 626-5877
Assistant Umpire in Chief (Vacant)
Equipment Manager Hether Hammons (801) 682-2712
Head Scorekeeper (Vacant)
Field Manager Garret Orr (918) 424-8033
Assistant Field Manager (Vacant)
Sponsorship Coordinator Sebby Guttierez (909) 437-7585

*NOTE: Any position with the words "VACANT" or "(acting)" are open and available to be filled. If you are interested in joining the board, please submit a notice of intent to and attend our next monthly board meeting to be voted on.*